Royal Tower Bolt


  •  Antique(Vertical shade, Horizontal shade) Finish
  • Satin Lacquer Finish
  • Polished Brass Finish
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Rose Gold Finish
  • Black Finish

The list of the various sizes and their dimensions is given below. For any special requirements feel the the form below or contact us.

Code Size in inch Size in mm
RTB-338 4″   100mm X 8mm
RTB-339 6″  150mm X 8mm
RTB-340 8″   200mm X 8mm 
RTB-341 10″   250mm X 8mm 
RTB-342 12″   300mm X 8mm
RTB-343 15″   380mm X 8mm 
RTB-344 18″   450mm X 8mm
RTB-345 4″   100mm X 10mm 
RTB-346 6″   150mm X 10mm 
RTB-347 8″  200mm X 10mm 
RTB-348 10″   250mm X 10mm
RTB-349 12″   300mm X 10mm 
RTB-350 15″   380mm X 10mm 
RTB-351 18″   450mm X 10mm 


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