Infrastructure and Quality Control



   SSE has its production unit spread over 10,000 sq ft. We are well equipped auto turning machines, manual turning machines, CNC turning machines, drilling machines, threading and milling machine, punching machine, slot machines etc. We have our own casting unit which enables us to have desired percentages of elements in the final product.

    We follow a simple, yet effective process model so that there is no compromise with the quality of the product. It includes various inspections such as raw material inspection, ingot inspections (using metal analyzer), Operation inspection, Dimension inspection and lastly visual inspection. This process model has helped us fulfilling challenging demands of our clients.

Quality Control

Architectural Hardware

 For architectural hardware, we have various inspections at different stages. Initially, we do raw material inspection. Then we use this raw material for casting, here required impurities are added to adjust the tensile strength of brass and increase its longevity.

  Once the casting is ready, we use shrinkage remover machines for forming the desired shape of the product. Here visual inspection is done to check for any defects in the casting. Afterwards, the material is hand polished before any operations.

   Now, the material is ready for operations, number of operations are performed as per the design of the product. After each operation dimensions are checked using appropriate instruments. After all operations are finished, we hand polish them again.

   After hand polishing, the product is platted with the desired finish. And lastly comes the assembly and packaging, where the products are visually inspected and packed.


   For precision fittings, we start with raw material inspection and cast the wires. The sample from this wires are cut out and then tested for the percentages of its composition.

   Then the number of operations are performed on these wires, using automated, semi-automated or CNC machines as per the need. Each product is measured twice, after each operation performed, using appropriate gauges.

   The final product is again measured and then packed. We also consider any special needs of our clients.

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