Shree Sayona Enterprise was established by Mr. Jayantilal Bhanderi in 1998. In the beginning years, we used to manufacture limited brass hardware items. With the strong desire and dedication to meet our valued customers’ requirements, after adding one product after another, we now manufacture almost every brass hardware items.
   In 2007, we entered in the industry of Brass Precision parts. Unfortunately due to lack of experience and limited resources, our products kept getting minor defects. Anyhow, we managed to overcome the errors over the time. We are currently supplying a wide range of products in USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany and Italy.
     We are among the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality Brass hardware and Precision parts. Being ISO certified we are committed to provide quality products and service assurance. With experience over the years timely delivery came naturally to us.

Process Flow

We use the following process flow to achieve desired quality of the products.

Selection of raw materials

We use quality bass honey as our main raw material with other metal like zinc and copper.

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Casting of billets or ignots

We use induction furnace to melt brass honey. Melted brass is then sand cast so that it can take the required form. While casting Zinc and Copper are aded as per the application of the final product. Other impurities may be added to incerease/decrease toughness of the brass and to provide protection against corrosion.

Operations performed

Once the billets/ingots are ready we perform different operations such as drilling, cutting, reshaping etc. on them to create desired products. We use CNC machine, Extrusion press, Drills and cutters, Shrinkage remover and other machines to perform the operations.

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Assembling and Polishing

We manufacture multiple product parts simultaneously so that we can start assembling the products while they are being prepared to achieve timely delivery. Depending on the finishes expected the parts or the assembled products are manually polished to help achieve desired finish.


We use electroplating and PVD on the products for different finishes and shades


We use superior quality packaging to ensure that the products are not damaged during the transportation. We offer customized packaging as per the clients requirements.

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